topo topo

erghhh . i got many things todo lahhh . not just only your folio , only that i can do it , hmmm ,. teacher , im so tension lahh . dont make me become rude to you . hmmm . my patience also has it limits . so please . please understand we a little bit please ,. and first you already scold me . then im just keep shut up my mouth and do my work then suddenly you come into my class and call my name n danisha's name . then we go out and meet you ,i think you wanna scold me again but she just ask me like this ' bapak you keja apa ?' im just like 'haaa? ohh rtm tapi dia sudah pencen' shes like ' ohhh okey thankyou' then she just belah like that . hahah then my gang ask me . 'paseipa weyh?ada apa semua' then i said she just ask 'ayah aku kerja apa ' thats all bbye .

p/s:soryy guyss . boring gila . tatau nak cakap apaaa . >,< imyA