asalamualaikum guys . jawab sayang tak jawab dosa *macam -.- . hahaha . kk tak beikkkkkkk . jawab seikhlas hati anda . kalau anda tak ikhlas TAK PAYAH JAWAB ! k then . hmmmm . nak tau something ? i miss my old best friends forever :'( . yesss . that is FAZREEN . one day in this fasting month . i dream about her . yesss . she come and meet me . she wear a white shirt . then she talk with me . im miss her very much . she only my best friends forever :'( i will never had a good friends like her . my mother told me that when puasa . arwah akan balik rumah mereka . ziarah adik beradik mereka . hmmmm . yesss it is true . i believe about it . seriusly im very very very damn much miss her . i hope she can come and meet me again . even just in a dream but i already satisfied with it . hmmm . and tommorow day after i did my magrib prayer . i recite a surah yassin for her . i hope she will happy with it . and im hope too she will be the best persion at there beside the god . al-fatihah for her :')